Jane Kamp Forsyth

Jane Kamp Forsyth has received many awards over the years including: Kennel Review Handler of the Year three times, putting her in their Hall of Fame; the Gaines FIDO twice and the Ken-L Bisket “Couple of the Year”. She was voted Woman of the Year as an individual woman earning the most money in one year who was not with a corporation.

Jane and her mother, Mrs. Louis F Kamp (Katherine) bought & co-owned a Boxer, Mahderf’s Miss Patricia. She was bred to Utz in 1942 (no mean feat since he stood in Chicago). And the first litter was born 10/15/42. Jane showed a puppy from this breeding in Junior Showmanship (Westchester 9/43). Fraulin of Grayarlin was 4th in OB at the 46 ABC.

Grayarlin was registered with AKC in 1944 to Katherine B & Jane Kamp of Holliston, MA. Mrs. Kamp joined ABC and was on the Entry Committee-Boston area in ’46 & ’47. Their Piccolo daughter, Gretel of Edymar, was also shown at the 46 ABC in Am Bred. Jane was well known by then and handled Boxers for Renfrew (Koch) & Dorick (Mr. & Mrs. Richard C Kettles).

In 1947 Jane won her first BIS (at the age of 17) with the famous CH V-E Admiral of Renrew S50 (ABC GF’46), owned by Estelle Slesinger (Mrs. Laurence Anthony). Admiral and his sister Wave were so-named because they were born May 6, 1945. They were out of the 1942 ABC BOB winner CH Overture of Mazelaine. CH Sally of Grayarlin was out of Admiral’s son, CH Dover of El Rose owned by the Kettles. She also got a BIS on CH Mazelaine’s Zenith about this time.

In the early 50’s Jane bred 6 champions in partnership with George S Pusey. The ’52 litter included Sally*; ’53 Gallant (a son of CH Mazelaine’s Keynote, whom Jane specialed); ’54 Sabot* & Slipper* (by CH Meritaire’s Fancy Free) and ’55 On Fire & On Parade* by Barrage. Sally, Sabot, Slipper and On Parade were the start of Hamilburg’s Salgray kennel. Jane handled many of the Salgray Boxers and was close personal friends with the Hamilburg’s – their daughter is named for her. Jane was an integral part of their breeding program, evaluating litters and handling many of their champions and specials.

Over the years Jane finished and campaigned many champions and advised on breeding programs and puppies for many breeders and exhibitors. When she became a judge many coveted win pictures with her. These included:
• Miriam Breed (Barmere)
• Ellamay &, Earnest L Bell, Jr. – (Ch. Steeplechase Up & Away )
• M/M Lloyd Flint (Flintwood)
• Mrs. Eleanor Haeberle (Eldic)
• Amy Acklen (Ackland)
• Mrs. H Howard Hagar (Arrosel)
• Wendy Ness (Carlwen)
• M/M James J Ferry (Vaugnair) and
• M/M Ted Wurmser’s CH Terudon’s Kiss Me Kate.

In 1953 she took Mrs. Henry W Lark’s Bang Away son, Meritaires Fancy Free, to BOB from the classes at ABC. He finished that spring.

Ch. Barrage of Quality Hill SOM58 won the Futurity in 1954 under Al Cousins and then in 1955 was BOB at ABC ’55 with Larry Downey handling for the breeders, Mr./Mrs. Greiner of Kansas City. He was by Bang Away out of Valley Groves Applause (another daughter of CH Monarch’s Ego of Garakonti). Barrage was bought by Mrs. Jouette Shouse and specialed by Jane Kamp. He lived out his live at Grayarlin and is the progenitor of many of the other top specials she handled. Barrage was BOS in ’56 to his litter sister, Baroque and repeated his ABC BOB win in ’57. His show record for 55 & 56 was 59 shows, 59 BOB, 52 G1, 16 BIS, 13 BABIS; with a total of 19 BIS by the end of 1956.

Due in large part to Jane’s hard work, Barrage is the sire of 56 champions and attained Legion of Merit status with 7 Sires/Dams of Merit including CH Eldic’s Darius S61 (GF under Alice Wood in 1956 with Jane handling), CH Salgray’s Battle Chief S63 and CH Marquam Hill’s Flamingo D63 – sire & dam of the “F” litter, CH Cajon’s Calling Card S68, and three non-champion producers Nagaroc’s Boom Boom D65, Carlwen’s Juliet Von Barrage D65 & CCH Salgray’s Roulette D67. Barrage lived to the age of 12 and was shown in Veterans (’61) and appeared in the 63 Parade. Jane once commented that he would only breed a bitch one time if he liked her and if he didn’t like her would ignore her – hard to explain to the owners of the bitch!

Along with Barrage & Battle Chief 1959 found her with Marquam Hill’s Comanche S63 in open brindle at ABC. He was Grand Futurity under former handler Stu Sliney from the 9-12 class. A Bang Away son out of Legacy of Clover Downs D62, he was bred & owned by Dr. Robert Burke. Jane campaigned him and he was at ABC ’60 as a special.

Other clients of the time were:
• Bea Goodman
• Jean Grant (Blossomlea)
• Willie Vicens (Wil-Ve)
• William H & Marjorie Rankin (Huck Hill)
• Scott M Rutherford (Rococo) whose first champion, Rococo’s Cricket was by On Parade

Dr. and Mrs. Flint’s CH Morgenshern of Kresthallo D59 was bred to CH Flintwoods Places Please and produced CH Bag ‘N Baggage S64 and Banned in Boston D64. Banned in Boston D64 was bred to CH Brayshaw’s Masquerader S65 (a double grandson of Bang Away) and produced the top winners CH Flintwood’s Rave Notice (RWB ABC ’62, BOS ABC ‘62 Regional) & CH Flintwood’s Rabble Rouser S70.

Another “first” was achieved by CH Flintwood’s Rabble Rouser S701 when he was ABC BOB & Grand Futurity Winner (judge Joe Gregory) in 1962. Handled by Jane Kamp, at first for the Bob Randalls, he was subsequently purchased by Mrs. Cheever Porter and campaigned extensively by Jane. He was BOB in 1962 & Top Boxer in the Phillips system. He was shown at the 67 ABC in the Veterans class by Bob Forsyth for Owner, Jane Kamp. He is the sire of Connolly’s CH Capriana’s Renegade S67. Rabble finished the year as #1 Boxer and #8 Working Dog. Campaigning in the Eastern circuits he often ran up against his litter sister, CH Flintwood’s Rave Notice (owned by “Red” Crise) vying for top honors. Rabble was BOS to CH Treceder’s Painted Lady at ABC in ‘63 and ’64 (handled by Joe Gregory.) Bob Forsyth showed him at ABC ‘67 in Veterans for owner Jane Kamp Forsyth. Flintwood’s Fontessa (a Rabble Rouser daughter) was bred to CH Flintwood’s Sundowner S67 to produce CH Flintwood’s Linebacker S71 (RWB ABC ’66) and Live Ammo, the sire of CH Arriba’s Prima Donna.

In 1960 Dr. Burke bred Comanche’s dam to Barrage and CH Marquam Hill’s Flamingo D63 was the result. She was bought by the Hamilburg’s as a small puppy and was shown at ABC by Bob Forsyth & and later to BIS wins by Larry Downey. She produced two litters for Salgray and a total of 7 champions. Flamingo was bred to CH Salgray’s Battle Chief a son of Barrage and Slipper to produce the “F” litter in 1963. Jane and Larry Downey split the handler duties for these 6 champions. She finished and campaigned CH Salgray’s Flying High S66. He was ABC Dog with Most BOB (42) & G1s for 1964. Flaming Ember was the top bitch for 1965 with 4 BIS and 10 G1s.

Jane was rarely without a Salgray Boxer to handle until her retirement in 1981. She handled many other Boxers and finished many champions for clients such as:
• Robert & Virginia Salomon (Tucker-Ho)
• Dr. & Mrs. EA McClintock (the foundation bitch – Ch. Balconyrock’s Tonight Only)
• M/M Victor Pearson – Ch. Amity Hall’s Master Key & GF 65 with Ch. Amity Hall’s Mischief Maker (later specialed by John Connolly)
• Amy Hastings (Aimeebee) – CH Aimeebee’s Apoppin S67 (by Darius) was specialed by Jane to BOS in 63 to Painted Lady at the Regional in St. Louis.
• Mr. & Mrs. John J Archibald with their homebred Ch. Jarmac’s Ginger Peachy, BOS to CH Salgray’s Fashion Plate in ’66 (handled by Larry Downey).
• M/M Robert Bunshaft (Rogue Hill)
• Nell Marshall (J’Nell)
• Hazel & Martin Harris (Ha-Mar)
• Elizabeth Esacove (Ringmaster/Turo)
• Mr. & Mrs. Richard Haeberle’s Ch. Eldic’s Landlord S72 a Darius son was specialed also.

In 1968 she took on a fawn bitch for Dr. Ted Fickes and went BOS to Ambush at ABC – CH Arriba’s Prima Donna (FB-68) had arrived. She finished her championship in 68 and garnered 5 BOS, 8 G1, 39 BOB and 4 SBIS. The next year she was ABC BOB for Fickes and Jean Pagano and in 1968 was BOS to Salgray’s Double Talk (CH BD-70). Prima Donna’s eventual record ran to 120 BOB, 43 G1 and 23 BIS, topped by BIS at Westminster in 1971, the only Boxer bitch to achieve this distinction.

The 70’s saw three more Grand Futurity wins at ABC – ABC Crescent Lane’s Ramrod (1971), Trefoil’s Esquire of Snuff Box (1978) and Missy’s Gallant Lad (1979). She specialed CH Galanjud’s Blue Chip for M/M Judson Streicher and was BOB at ABC 77 with him. CH Merrilane’s April Fashion was top dog in 78 & 79 owned by Coleman Cook and John Granade and top bitch in 80 was CH Mycin’s Winter Wheat, also for Streichers.

Jane married Bob Forsyth and found time during all this to have a daughter, Sioux (she grew up to be a professional handler also). The Forsyth’s headquartered at Grayarlin Kennels, Southbury, CT. Bob, a WWII marine with the First War Dog Platoon, was well known in his own right with Poodles, Greyhounds and Whippets (BIS @ Westminster 64 with a Whippet). He had bred Boxers under the Boxheim name and handled at ABC since about 1955. They co-authored a very sought after book in 1975, “Guide to Successful Dog Showing” (Howell) which was voted best Technical Dog Book by the Dog Writer’s Association of America.

Jane & Bob retired from handling after Westminster in 1981 and became judges. Many missed them and then others heaved a sigh of relief that there were no Blue Bird buses with the top 30 dogs at the local show anymore! (It was a common affliction of the time to be “reserved to death” by the Forsyth’s).

Jane judged the ABC Futurity in 1984 (ICH Bellcrest Just Watch Me S91); Regional in 88 (CH Berena’s Tribute to Fa-Fa S92 with breeder-owner Rena Toon handling); Top 20 in 1990 (CH Merrilane’s Knockout S89) and ABC in 1992 (CH Kiebla’s Tradition of Turo D97).

The huge kennel which had housed so many top Boxers was sold and they moved to nearby George’s Hill Rd. The Forsyth’s rapidly became all-round AKC and FICA judges and have traveled the world on judging assignments. She and Bob lived in Pinehurst, NC and, when they aren’t on the road judging or visiting their property on St. Thomas. Jayne was scheduled to judge BIS at Morris & Essex Kennel Club in October 2015.
Posted: Friday, July 3, 2015 4:04 pm
Jane Kamp Forsyth
Jane Kamp Forsyth, 86, of Pinehurst, passed away Friday, July 3, 2015, at Quail Haven, in Pinehurst.
She was born March 3, 1929, in Cambridge, Mass., to the late Louis and Katherine Kamp.
Jane was an avid golfer who not only won golf club championships in Connecticut, but also here in Pinehurst. She was a member of the Silver Foils at the Pinehurst Country Club.
Jane spent 71 years in the sport of showing dogs. Joining forces with her husband, Robert, they became one of the only husband-wife teams of handlers to win Westminster. Together they were the only winners of Ken L. Biskit Couple of the Year Award. They co-authored “A Guide to Successful Dog Showing.”
Jane was a highly decorated all-breed judge for the American Kennel Club.
She won many awards throughout her career, including Westminster Kennel Club “Best in Show” in 1970, three-time winner of Handler of the Year in Kennel Review, and three Gaines Awards, including Woman of the Year. She was in the American Boxer Club Hall of Fame in 2001 and was proud kennel owner of Grayarlin.
She is survived by her loving husband, Robert S. Forsyth; one daughter, Sioux Forsyth-Green and her husband, Pete; one grandson, Bryce Everett Stone; sister-in-law, Helen Forsyth; two nieces, Marylee Edelman and Hope Forsyth-Jayes; and one nephew, Gordon J. Forsyth, Jr.
A visitation will be held on Sunday from 4–6 p.m. at Boles Funeral Home, in Southern Pines. A graveside service will be held on Tuesday at 2 p.m. at Pinelawn Cemetery.
In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to Take the Lead, P.O. Box 6353, Watertown, NY 13601.
Online condolences may be left at www.bolesfuneralhome.com.
Boles Funeral Home and Crematory in Southern Pines is assisting the family